Saturday, 15 February 2014

Analysis- Equestria Girls 2 Trailer

You know, I started this Website when the first EQG trailer came out, and now look what's happening.

The first thing that needs to be said about the trailer is that it isn't very good and this part of the song is repetitive and annoying, although it got ironically better as i watched it more and more, and eventually it kind of grew on my. but the first trailer for the first EQD was like that too (maybe its a tradition now) beyond that though there is fair amount to look into.
There are three big questions present in the trailer before you even begin the scene by scene analysis. The first is of course the obvious 'How/why is Twilight back'. It not like we could say she went back in the portal, since time in MLP seems to be based on our own (each season takes 1 year) and the portal only opens once every 30 moons (2.5 years). This means that logically it can not be the same Twilight. I'm presently theorizing that its actually the Twilight that existed on the EQG universe that was reference by pinkie as having moved to the city. One thing that support this is the fact that unlike the first movie, they don't say Twilight and New Friends, but rather "pony-human hybrids who share the names and personalities of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic‘s Mane 6", implying that none of them are the actual mane 6.
The second thing of note is of course the lack of Sunset Shimmer in any of the scene's from the trailer or the few bits of promotional art we have. At the end of EQG, Sunset was forgiven, and she became frinds with the "humain 5". Which means something must have happened to her, but what? It's unlikely that she's the antagonist again. Maybe she went to another school? maybe she graduated and everyone went their separate ways? Maybe more people then her graduated? (I'll get into that in a moment) only DHX (and likely some others) know.
I’ve been one of the ones hoping the Diamond Dogs would return.
But now….?
Then there are these guys who we see watching Rarity and pushing her on a piano. They look allot like they may be humanized Diamond Dogs and there are really 2 main possibilities for their purpose. Either 1 they are the antagonists of this movie (unlikely, but possible), or they are some kind of Rarity Servants/People who adore Rarity, considering they are doing whatever she says.
Now you may be curious why I didn't mention the strange lack of Flash Sentry. The thing is, I believe we did see him, in the form of the "Smooth Cop" as people are labelling him. The reason why I say this is because, for a start, he matches Flash's Colour Scheme, and he's a policemen (equivalent to guard). So I bring back the theory that at least Sunset and Flash have graduated. But that doesn't mean its not possible that the others have graduated as well.
There are two important pieces of information found in this image;
  1. Twilight is only one of them to have a headband, which implies that the ears aren't real (also notice the lack of wings while Rainbow and Fluttershy still have them), could this imply that this isn't the this Twilight can't become pony form like the others (possibly from lacking previous contact with actual Pony Twilight)
  2. Assuming of course that this is a different Twilight, could this mean that this universes Twilight is a "pop star" with a pony based theme. Maybe the plot of the movie is that Twilights coming back after some kind of tour, and she's meeting back with her old friends? its possible, but given higher credibility from the fact that it seems all the other ponies have Jobs as well.
It look allot like this may be Fluttershy's Job (a pet store), where she assumably has a "way with the animals". Rarities likely has something to do with the Diamond Dogs and Applejacks is obviously working on some kind of Farm or Farm like thing. 
The only problem with this theory is that in these scene we see that behind Rarity are a set of lockers, suggesting that they are at the school (in this scene at least). My theory is that they came to the school possibly because they actually have musical equipment, or maybe this whole ramble about how the "Humain 5(6?)" have job is a complete mess and Flash Sentry is just simply older then the others, or maybe, considering the fact that it was conformed in 'Griffon the Brush Off" that Fluttershy was older then Pinkie Pie by one year, maybe Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie (maybe Rarity and Applejack?) are the only ones still in High School, while the others aren't
No matter how hard i tried I could not get an image of Pinkie doing the transforming thing. But you saw the trailer.
To end this analysis id'e like to note that the magical girl transformations seem to be back in this movie. But in the other movie it was caused by the Element of Magic, but in this movie their is no such artefact. So that means either, It was in plain site and I just couldn't see it, its being caused by a new artefact (that they are either hiding, i missed or is maybe their instruments?), or possibly the the Rainbow Power thing that's happening in season 4 might effect them aswell?

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