Sunday, 16 February 2014

Analysis- Filli Vanilli

To me this was by far the BEST episode of season 4, and one of the best episodes ever in my books. Make SURE to watch the episode before reading this, its seriously good, at least too me.

One thing that I've absolutely adored about season 4 is the characterization of Fluttershy and Applejack. Before season 4 I found both of them to be 2 note characters (Applejack: Apple/family, Fluttershy: Shy/Animals). But season 4 seems to almost actively be trying to give them more character, almost as if they had a meeting before writing season 4 where they said; 

'OK! many are saying that these characters are uninteresting, lets think of something'
'Um... maybe we could take that aspect of Applejack is really honest and turn it into bluntness, and maybe take that aspect hinted at in Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 300 and make her afraid of change'
'sounds good, and fluttershy?'
'What if we make her kind of an closet, but can't bring her self to do the things she really likes, because she's shy'
'OH! and make her a vampire!'
'I think you two are going insane... AND I LIKE IT!'

Yep... That's about how it went down.

The music in this episode was great, as is to be expected in an episode about how good of a singer Fluttershy is. The way Big Mac as used in this episode was honestly one of my favourite bits. He seems to be played as a kind of submissive pacifist that contrasts his hard work ethic and strong boy type. As time passes in the episode you can see him slowly get frustrated with the fact that he's just being used as a tool to make Fluttershy happy, and its really interesting to watch. Applejacks moment with Big Mac was great in this episode. And unlike others I liked Pinkie in this episode.

My favourite part of the episode was probably at the end though, where the writers acknowledged the fact fact that Fluttershy has learnt the same lesson about 5 times, by saying she's taking 'Baby Steps' and is getting better at it, but it won't just happen. The thing I really like about this is how true it is, one thing I think many people forget about character development is that people are often stuck in their ways most the time, and its difficult to just learn a lesson. You could learn the lesson 1000 times and still not change, because change often takes time.

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