Friday, 21 February 2014

Analysis- Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

People being naked in this anime isn't even fan service any more. In this episode like 3 people where both dressed and alive. Lets be honest; who gives a shit any more.

One of the most important things that happened is that there are now only 6 (or 7 depending on how you count it) weapons that can destroy life fibre. But all the people who are fighting (the "Mighty 5" and Ryuku) have at least 1, this of course means that at the time being, none of those people they've saved can actually fight. The only problem is of course that only two of these weapons can save people (Ira and Ryuku), meanings it may end up being that they'll have to find a way to upgrade to being able to save people.
Yes I did have to use this image
And on that note The Elite 4 have joined Nudist Beach, due to the fact that they've lost they Goku Uniforms. The interesting thing about this is that now everyone has a clear side. Nudist Beach are good, Clothed people aren't. Its like some crazy version if Shirts vs Skins, where people die in the end.
But the big Omni-Important thing in this episode was of course the fact that Nui and the mind controlled Sewing Club are construction the ULTIMATE KAMUI, which seems to need both Ryuku and Satsuki to operate. Considering the fact that they will be "eaten" by the kamui, I'm guessing that somehow, the way they're going to win the fight, is by using their ambition to win the fight of will power with the Kamui, or something around those lines.
At the end of the episode, two things happen though. Ryuku goes rouge and seems like she's about to run off into the abyss after screaming at Senketsu. And we find out that Satsuki seems to have some sought of special Toe nail, that's likely going to help her get out of the *** Dungeon that she's trapped in.

Also, Next Episode Previews are apparently no longer at the end of episodes and instead we'll just get the "extended previews" that where posted on the internet.

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