Friday, 28 March 2014

Analysis- Beyond the Eternal Darkness

This is the finale of Kill La Kill, I'm not sure where to begin.
As always we expect you've seen this episode before reading this.

If I have one major complaint with this episode, its that everything felt just a little rushed. I feel that it would have probably been better for this episode to be instead split into two episodes, the first covering the fight with Ragyo up until Nui merging with the original life fibre, and the second taking from there on. They could have even made Gomagoori be dead up untill the next week, so for an episode we're all left thinking that he was dead, rather then finding out 5 minutes later that he wasn't.

Although considering the fact that you can easily see bits in this episode that clearly see them running out of money, its likely they wouldn't have been able to anyway.

The final battle was defiantly an interesting one. We finally got a reason for the bits of life fibre flowing into Senketsu, and it was a satisfying one, that also allowed for the final battle to have more meaning. 

On the subject of plot points though, its kind of annoying how allot of plot points seem to have almost been forgotten. The Life Fibre Bullets never went anywhere, Rei never really got any explanation, It was never really explained why Tsumugu could hear Senketsu, and what exactly was the point of Uzu no longer being blind? etc. All this is left unexplained, and, i guess you could make some pretty good theories about this stuff; maybe Tsumugu could hear Senketsu because he saw the human part of Senketsu, rather then the clothing part. But in the end, thats all just theories, and you would hope for some kind of pay off.

Its nice to see everyone happy at the end. But I'm kind of curious about what Mako meant by a "date". At first glance it seems like they now have a nice happy lesbian relationship, but then there's Gomagoori in a Tuxido and some flowers, almost as if he's going after one of them (likely Mako). This is the kind of stuff I'de like to see expanded on in the OVA, because the OVA's either going to be this, or some kind of back story on someones upbringing, and personally, I think this needs more expanding upon.

But past the OVA what can we expect for Kill La Kill. With all these unanswered plot points, I certainly hope we get more. If we're lucky we might get a Madoka Magica situation, where we get a trilogy of movies ending in new content, and if we're REALLY lucky we might get another season! Keep in mind, Ryuku is still part Life Fibre, and there's still more Life Fibre out there. If this is to happen though, it's probably going to start with a time skip, of AT LEAST 1 year.

One thing thats very clear at the end of the show is that this is defiantly a coming of age story, but more interestingly a coming of age story about a girl. Fear the wedding dress, accept it and have it taken away. Give blood, let it give you power, give to much and go bezerk. But I'll go more in depth with that when I rewatch the series and the OVA comes out.

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