Sunday, 2 March 2014

Analysis- Far From the Maddening Crowds

On this day we discover that THIS SHOW IS CRAZY AS SHIT! amazingly crazy!
As always we expect that you've seen the episode before reading this.

I predicted that Nui was made Life Fibre, I wonder if Rei is though?
4 things came immediately to my mind once I finished this episode;
  1. Previously Ragyo said that her two daughters would pilot the mega kamui. Considering the fact that Ragyo seems to have disowned Satsuki, it seems likely that she was in fact referring to Nui and Ryuku, especially considering Ryuku is now under Ragyo's control
  2. Considering that Ryuku acted very similarly to Nui when she ended up under the control, I feel its very likely that Nui is in fact under the control of Ragyo as well, and is quite possibly a VERY different person.
  3. I'm not sure if what Ragyo was doing was showing Ryuku the life she could have, or changing her memories so she believes that that is her life. Considering the fact that they showed her "childhood", I'm inclined to believe the later.
  4. I'm curious as to why Nui's eye patch didn't heal if she was made of life fibre. You could argue it was because it was done by a scissor blade, but then how did she heal from Ryuku's hitting her directly in the chest, and come to think of it, how come Ryuku got so hurt early on in the series if she's made of life fibre. To this I have 7 solutions
  1.  maybe being healed by Life Fibre's needs some kind of awareness, so you have to know                           you are made of life fibre for it to work (maybe wounds left for too long are permanent), and                         then maybe Ragyo just not told Nui yet for some reason
  2.  maybe for some reason, Nui didn't want it healed?
  3.  Maybe there is some kind of "trigger" that initiates the Fibre to start healing the body                                 (Ryuku's was likely in the episode "trigger" when her life was first put into a position that she felt                     she could not beat, or maybe it was just her getting stronger and stronger from all the battles                         she won and fatal pressure she was put under that allowed it to be unlocked). Nui's very well                         might have been the time her eye was cut out.
  4.  Maybe they have to be near Ragyo for some reason?
  5.  Its possible its Ragyo's doing, considering she can change peoples memories its entirely possible she         changed Nui's so she blamed Ryuku's dad instead of Ragyo herself (the question is then, why did she take     out her eye)
  6.  Its possible they're not actually gone and Nui's just doing it for some reason?
  7.  Bad writing?
To stop with all the numbers for the end of this analysis, I'm just going to note that there are 4 episodes left that are confirmed for Kill La Kill. With the rareness of multiple seasons in anime outside of manga anime, this means that the show is going to end in 4 episodes, and the Climax of the anime is around the corner, and at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bad guys won. Considering the fact that Trigger is a fairly new company, it makes sense for them to do a unexpected thing like that. And considering some of the symbolism that's been going on and the general way that everythings going to shit, I could see it happening.

However, I do doubt this will happen. I'm mainly just saying it so I can say "I told you so" later, if it does happen.

1 comment:

  1. The reason why her eye is gone forever is because it was cut out. All the threads are removed connecting it to the body, so it can't be restitched, like Ragyo's head. On the other hand, a stab wound is easily restitched. Nothing is cut out, it's just a little tear.


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