Friday, 21 March 2014

Analysis- Imitation Gold

We have one more episode...

Firstly lets talk about how genius the ED was in this episode. They catch you at the beginning, by using a slightly different ending song, so you think 'well, I might aswell listen to this one to see if I like it', then they simply change Mako to Nui and make shit go crazy.

Two important things happened after the fake ED, the first was Nui getting some new arms. Considering that Ragyo said that she can fight with them, I'm guessing that they are some more of those super hardened Life Fibre that everyone has been using as a weapon lately. Considering they are hands though, i'm not sure how they will be used as a weapon? Its likely they morph into somekind of Edward Scissor Hand thing, or simply into blades, or maybe she uses her nails like she did previously (it would be nice foreshadowing), but considering we can't see her nails in the scene shown above, and I would imagine her weapon would be an important thing to draw, I doubt it

The other is ofcourse the reveal of Ragyo's new Kamui. The most interesting thing is its being based around a traditional Japanese wedding dress. Trigger is really running home with the wedding dress symbolism. The idea it seems is that wearing clothing is to Ragyo, committing your life to the Life Fibre.

Mako's mental Ryuku interests me, because this isn't the most recent Ryuku, This Ryuku only has 1 Scissor Blade, and looks like she may not have even achieved full synchronization yet. To me this suggests that Mako is wishing that things just stayed simple, like they where before Ragyo turned out to be the bad guy and things got a lot more complicated for her.

And next episode (The Finale), everyone's fighting the Life Fibre's. My predictions on the fight are as followed; Satsuki, Ryuku and possibly Mako will be fighting Ragyo. The Elite 4 and Iori will fight Nui, while the rest will fight the COVERS, Nudist Beach will likely be hunting down the Transmitter. If Mako isn't fighting Ragyo, she will be leading the fight against the COVERS and likely be the one to destroy the transmitter.

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  1. Thing is, mental Ryuko is fully synchronized - incomplete synchronization has smaller crests on the shoulders and no spikes on the skirt. Also, with two sword scissors it would make it impossible to wave for comedic effect as seen in the gif.

    I think Nui will just have arm blades like Senketsu Senjin (the form used when Ryuko cut Nui's arms off, think those blades). Fitting, since those blades ultimately cost her her arms, so why not use them as an ultimate revenge?

    Mako is too secondary of a character to participate in the family battle - just look at the episode you just watched. Mako was support while the two leads fought their mother. I don't see Iori or Inumuta to be combat oriented, so it's likely that maybe Tsumugu and the elite 3 will be fighting her, and if completed before the transmitter is destroyed, will help Nudist Beach, because Nudist Beach hasn't done anything too serious except supply the main characters with what they need. Killing the original Life Fiber was due to the Naked Sun, sure, but the 2-star students and Mako are the reason why that was even remotely possible.


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