Friday, 7 March 2014

Analysis- Incomplete

At this point... let's just do the analysis.
As always we expect you've seen the episode before reading this.

I'm not using the "corruption" image for this
One thing I feel people don't seem to get about Ragyo. She's not a sex character, she's a literal rapist, and that's supposed to show you how disgusting she is. The bath scene was not made to be arousing, it was made to show that she was a disgusting person. The But Slapping scene was not made to appeal to the BDMS crowd, but rather to show you that she just thinks of Satsuki as nothing (I would have though her laugh would have made that clear). And the opening in this episode was not made to make you aroused, but rather to show you how she's controlling Ryuku (by making "feel good" physically, they can control her mentally). You could say that part of Ragyo's purpose is to insult the people who are aroused. They're telling you, this is the bad guy, this is not the right thing. and even if that last bit isn't true, its certainly very true that you're supposed to be disgusted.

Also, while we're on the subject, I like how they explained the reason for the partial nudity when they put on their kamui (ironically at the point where most people are almost completely nude).

It interests me that Ragyo refereed the Life Fibre as a 'planet', mainly due to the fact that by the definition of planet it makes no sense, It is not revolving around a star. Unless of course she is talking about herself, and infact saying that life revolves around her.

On the subject of COVER weaponry, we have gotten a new glimpse at the ULTIMATE KAMUI. As many have said, it does look like a rocket, although its obviously still being sewn. The question is ofcourse, why is it in a rocket shape. To me, it suggests that later in the story earth will (atleast temporarily) be taken by the Life Fibre, and then they might be "moving on" to other planets. Its possible this is how it actually got to earth, it came from another planet.

Then of course, Nui got impaled by Ryuku's Scissor Blade. The next part to this event is either going to go 3 ways;
  1. Nui survive's and takes both blades
  2. Nui dies and Ryuku (/other) gets the purple scissor blade (and the red one back out of Nui)
  3. Nui is trapped on the wall and when Ryuku takes out the red scissor blade at an appropriate moment and then the two of them fight
Considering the fact that impaling Nui was impaled by Ryuku before and survived before, 2 isn't very likely. But I honestly feel 1 is probably the more likely compared to 3, especially due to the fact that the "good guys" just got a win, so it would only be consistent for them to lose something.

The thing i found most perplexing about the Mako, Ryuku wedding scene is about how Mako got in their anyway. It makes sense that Senketsu could get in, since he was made out of  Life Fibre and was interacting with the Life Fibre in Ryuku and Jenketsu, but for mako to enter Ryuku, either; Mako would have to be made of Life Fibre aswell (which would also be something to make Ryuku feel like she has someone to relate to), or Ryuku was "wearing" Mako.

Although maybe I'm missing something about the Mako one.

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