Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Analysis- Noragami

It really buggers me that companies seem to have unanimously decided that all anime should end on the same weekend. Hell, if it wasn't for that delay a few episode's ago Kill La Kill would have ended this week too. Either way, Noragami's been amazing. (Bellow contains spoilers

Goodbye Noragami :(
As you'de expect from Studio Bones, the animation in this show is absolutely stunning. The fight scene's active and powerful, movement is extremely fluid, and everything keeps a high standard of looking amazing throughout the entire thing, The pacing and Music where good too. Everything just felt "right".

This season had 2 arcs (ignoring a basic set up arc). The first (and most interesting) was about Yukine felling that things weren't fair, since he couldn't really have a friend. The best bit about this arc is that they make you HATE Yukine, they make you want him to die and just have Yato get a new regalia, and the simple fact that Yato is living through the pain he was going through for Yukine, just makes him seem like a worse and worse person. But at the same time, you feel that what Yukine is feeling is justified, it wasn't his fault, it was just him getting annoyed that he couldn't have the life he wanted, and the spirits using that to get to him.

Most iconic scene in the show
Of course Yato himself is a really strong character as well, he's silly when he needs to be, but also intimidating when he needs to be. An interesting thing about him aswell, is the way that he gets by, he's not really a good person, he mooches, he keeps secrets, he's kind of a jerk, but he's doing it to get by, and I suppose that's what makes him such a good character. 

The second Arc was about Hiyori loosing her memories and Yato being confronted with his past. I found this arc to not be as interesting as the first, but still good in its own right. Rabo is an interesting character, and certainly one that had a good pay off. The arc also gave us allot more insight into Nora, and how she seems to almost mold into into a gods intentions, while molding them to suit her own. I'm not going to make an predictions though, since there's a Manga that has all that stuff.

If the show does one thing really well though, its create impact. Everything feels right, every things hinting at something else, and everything fits together. You can see the way these characters think in the way they move, and that's an achievement. This show deserves another season, and considering that Bones usually tries to make somekind of tie up for any loose ends if they're not doing any more episodes, I think we have a good chance at another season.

But for now, we can only play to the Yato God in hopes for season 2. 

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